Column 33

This poem shows how even the least promising of subjects have the potential to be transformed into something profound. Hannah Brockbank manages to divine the current of deeply-felt emotion running beneath the banal transactions in a greeting card shop. And the line repeated at the beginning and end of the poem brilliantly demonstrates how the same words in a different context can have a totally different meaning. The poem is from her pamphlet Bloodlines by Indigo Dreams Publishing.

Clinton Cards

I don’t know why I’m here. The air
is sweet and tight like the ligature
of strawberry liquorice lace tied
around her soft wrist.
Quick! Daddy’s coming!
Her cool arm brushes past me.
She lifts a pastel card
from the rack to her chest,
presses its paper-thin sentiment
to her heart, floats down
the aisle and disappears.
I don’t know why I’m here.


Used with kind permission of Hannah Brockbank and Indigo Dreams Publishing.