Column 38

In this poem, the disorientation of memory loss is turned into something peaceful and almost celebratory, a remarkable transformation. It’s by Roger Bloor and it was published in Poems for the NHS (The Onslaught Press) (having first been published by the Hippocrates Press in the Hippocrates Prize Anthology of Winning and Commended Poems 2017). 


The Memory Clinic

Set apart and distanced
by a woolly hat in a warm room
passive and perplexed he waits
with ‘why and when’
nipping at his worried heel.
Then Doreen, hand placed gently on his knee
calm and caring from her bag produces
flask and sandwiches
and in that brief distracted rest
from ‘why and when’ the two hold hands
and picnic in the past.


Used with kind permission of Roger Bloor.